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Being a mother is perhaps superior to being God. It is the ultimate decorum a human being can inherit by virtue of being a woman willing to give birth to a baby/babies. Social status or economic condition within a family does not make any change to the concept of mother.

A father at times shrinks in size and his total identity as a guardian depends very often on what he can do for his children all throughout their childhood, almost till they become independent and self-reliable and to an extent even afterwards.

A mother establishes her total empire of care and love around the little ones in a very short period. She is presumably the custodian of their overall welfare in spite of whatever is not outside her home. Children look at her as the symbols of eternal solace and rescue in their life. A mother is easily forgiven. Her words spoken out of rage at her little ones soon fade into oblivion, her small deeds of wrong are forgotten by them and she reigns supreme in her world of odds.

A father loses his cool very often and resorts to acts of rage. He demonstrates his masculine ego and demolishes the impression he made earlier before the little ones once with a single act of violence upon the scene.

My mother lived only till I was barely three years. She used to feed me with her breast milk and told me small stories till I plunged into the slumber of helplessness and dreams. She was with me till she breathed her last and my elder sisters solemnly affirm that she was a great mother.

My father is still alive. I respect him. But I feel he has ever possessed and controlled us. At 84 he still shouts at us and refuses to mingle with his grand children. He is another face!

What makes a mother so great is her own image of a demi - goddess. She conquers the world with her sweet touch and a concern that sans any hypocrisy.

I ask my daughter often a bad question as to whom she likes more; her mother or me. She always says she likes both of us equally well. I prefer to think she is perhaps lying. She might still like her mother a little more and if it is not so, it is up to my wife to go for an introspection why can`t she be still loved a little more!

Being a mother is perhaps superior to being God.



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